Custom Templates

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In general, graphics uploaded should be a minimum of 150dpi at the full size of the template. Currently only JPG (JPEG) or PNG RGB files can be uploaded. Specific dimensions are listed below. 

All Templates have a 1/4-1/2 inch bleed around the edges, Keep important graphic elements away from the edges, they may be cut off. HIDE THE GUIDE BEFORE SAVING.

Tonya Leggings

55" x  50" inches 150 dpi or higher  Template

Amber Leggings

50" x 45" inches 150 dpi or higher   Template

Leslie Leggings

55" x 50" in 150 dpi or higher  Template 

Catrina Leggings

55" x 50" in 150 dpi or higher   Template

Nellie Yoga

55" x 40" in 150 dpi or higher Template

Sports Bra

40" x 19" in 150 dpi or higher  Template

Men's Casual Tank

55" x 35" in 150 dpi or higher Template

Unisex Hoodie

150 dpi or higher Template


NEW! Infant Clothing
Short Sleeve Bodysuit Template
Beanie  Template
Kimono Onesie   Template



Annie Youth Legging Templates High Waistband

Mens Custom Legging Templates

Infant Legging Templates

Men's Short Sleeve T-shirt

Women's Short Sleeve T-shirt

Veronica Leggings


Creating and Uploading Template Video

**Please note that all templates, guides, and mock-ups are copyright and property of inksewn USA. They are to be used for the sale and ordering of Inksewn products only, any other use without prior authorization is prohibited**